Our story

This isn’t a story about a bunch of mates who loved beer and built a microbrewery in their backyard. But we do love beer — and we want to make the Valley proud to have its own.

Our goal isn’t to be the biggest. It’s to craft top-notch beer that belongs to this lively place and even livelier people. Valley Hops Brewing is a celebration of the moments, memories and true characters from our Fortitude Valley home.

We also know beer. We’ve been serving it to locals in the heart of the Valley for years. Now, we’ve taken a leap and started a brewery of our own. It’s about doing things our way, true to form and true to our neighbourhood. You could say we’re embracing our true character.

We encourage you to do the same.

Valley Hops Brewing Craft Beer On Tap

Our home, the Valley.

Here in the home of Valley Hops Brewing, a booming nightlife, live music, great food and great beer come together. It’s also been home to an interesting bunch of characters. And, like the best of us, it’s lived a few lives — the good, the bad, and let’s face it, the downright ugly. But you know what? That’s why we love it. We’ve seen this place grow, reinvent itself and rise to become the thriving entertainment heart it is today. This is where people come to unwind, shake off the day and celebrate it all.

Our team

If you ask our friends, they’d probably say we’re a bunch of beer tragics. And we’re okay with that. We’re a group of hospitality devotees who appreciate the best in beer, and we’re hellbent on crafting and pouring refreshing brews that reflect our Fortitude Valley home. Before you know it, you’ll be welcomed in, beer in hand, feeling like you’re at a mate’s place.

Ready to relax above the hum of the Valley? We can’t wait to share beers and stories above the thumping heart of this lively place. Come join us.

Characters of the Valley

Photos: David Hinchliffe (Facebook | Instagram). Captions: Dennis Bailey.

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